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Items arqien owns

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2:1 sale

2:1 gbc or archive cookie or small wish! :)

This list is empty.

fun stuff

probably only open to show people for bigger wishes, picky, numbers for my own reference

this list is not everything I have, but some of the more popular/bigger items, feel free to ask if there's anything else you might be looking for
might also contain newer items that i'm just not ready to move to another section yet lol This list is empty.


These are items I like but might not have a use for right at this moment - I could possibly part with them for the right offer.
Numbers are for my reference only, just disregard them lol

This list is empty.


All of my sides do currently have boxes, these items are all available for trade atm :)
For some of the lower-value items I don't mind doing 2:1 trades, feel free to inquire about this as well

All numbers are for my own reference please ignore them, thanks!

Non-wearables UFT:
Tyrannian Bone Bed x2
Candy Corn Cupcake
Pink Lace Rocking Chair
Polka Dot Arm Chair
and a few older gbcs/goodie bags
Note: I have been slacking with keeping up with this, I've got quite a few other unwearables I can trade, feel free to inquire if you have specific wishes.

This list is empty.

Items arqien wants

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gallery wishes

Looking for these items for my gallery!

View my more casual cap wishlist on JN:

Seeking (non-wearable):
Dirt Krawk Island Floor Tiles
Krawk Island Crokabeks Nest Lair
Stone Tyrannian Wallpaper

This list is empty.

higher priority wl

Also open to trading for populars, GBCs, and archive cookies unless otherwise specified at a board :)

99 = highest priority, show me your wishes!
8's are just reminder i want to replace it, they often end up here regardless of priority, which varies!
2's are usually because I want duplicates but I don't always have a set amount of.... how many duplicates I want for some items, lol

This list is empty.

lower priority wl

Items marked with 9 are a bit higher priority, 11 is sorta like "idk yet if i want it but if the right trade comes up i'll porbably still trade for it"

(: This list is empty.
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