Zelda's items

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Items Zelda owns

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0. Intro


O: GBCs, Custom, & Trade List for my wishes.

I am not seeking GBCS.

If you mail me please include a link to your trade list. If you mailed me over the past couple of months and I have not responded I apologize. I've been pretty busy with work and took a break from trading and was only really making it online to do dailies. Thanks for understanding, but if I don't respond to neomails it's nothing personal, I've just been extremely busy. Thanks for understanding. :)

Please mail me your wish list if you have any of my priority wishes UFT. I keep my closet and htpw items hidden.

Retired Caps, Tokens, & Bags UFT here (flexible on values):

Also UFT: JubJub Power Bounce Retired Mystery Capsule x11

This list is empty.

1. Highlights

My highlights of 8 or more cap value are likely only UFT for priority wishes.
27=on side

This list is empty.

2. Trade List (SDB 7.12.20)

number is for my reference.

This list is empty.

Unwearables (GBC, Caps, Grams, Tokens etc)


This list is empty.

Items Zelda wants

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1. Priority Wishes

99=most wanted list

Also seeking these items these non-wearables:

Faerie Magic Summer Retired Mystery Capsule & Faerie Magic Summer Mystery Capsule
Rainbow Fountain Water

This list is empty.

2. Actively Seeking

4. Low Priority/Casual Wishlist

Feel free to offer, but I may pass on these casual wl items.

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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