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00. preamble


everything you see here is uft. whether or not im partial to it or seeking something a bit specific in terms of the item balance, that lies within.
please read below and dont hesistate to reach out. i try my hardest to be very kind and approachable and i appreciate the human connection as i get very little in my daily life.
if i do not respond to your neomail, please do not take it as a rude gesture, sometimes i am often too overwhelmed by my disorder to formulate responses that i feel are kind and thoughtful, and rather than respond with something curt and simple, even just a nty glt, i would rather not respond at all. it is not a reflection on you as a person, but is absolutely something i am working on correcting. please bear with me.


Non-Wearables UFT:
Kauvara Key Quest Token
Heart Shaped Fruit Tart x1
Zesty Cinnamon Roll x1
Happy Chocolate Covered Strawberry x1
Bountiful Banana Split x1
Faerie Smiley Snack x1
Neopets 10th Birthday Cake
7th Birthday Cake Slice #3 x1
10th Birthday Black & White Cupcake
Back to School Y15 Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Lost Desert Mystery Capsule x1
Merry Fair NC Fortune Cookie
NC Mall 12th Birthday Iridescent Mystery Capsule x4
Fall Festival Retired Mystery Capsule x5
Full of Fall Mystery Capsule x1
The 20th Anniversary Mystery Capsule x2
New Year 2019 Celebration Mystery Capsule x9
Wondrous Winter Mystery Capsule x2
Scenic Spring Retired Mystery Capsule x3
NC Mall 13th Birthday Jukebox Mystery Capsule x10
Usukicon Y22 Mystery Capsule x1
21st Birthday Sprinkles Mystery Capsule x1
Altador Cup Retired Mystery Capsule x3
Strawberry Surprise Retired Mystery Capsule x1
Floral Daydream Retired Mystery Capsule x2
Tropical Summer Retired Mystery Capsule x2
NC Mall 15th Tutti Frutti Birthday Capsule x7
Retired Patapult Mystery Capsule 2022 x4
Petrifying Pumpkin Phantom Retired Mystery Capsule x3
Baby Shooting Stars Retired Mystery Capsule x3
Mythical Wherfy Winter Mystery Capsule x20
Whimsical Wherfy Retired Mystery Capsule x10
Faeries Hope Magical Mystery Capsule x1
Retired Sweetheart Gram Mystery Capsule 2023 x4
Pawfect Together Retired Mystery Capsule 2023 x3
Serene Green Mystery Capsule x5
Pretty in Pink Sweetheart Gram x9
Enchanting Sweetheart Gram x9
Gothic Charm Sweetheart Gram x4
Altador Cup Enthusiast Gram x1
Altador Cup Naturally Fanrific Gram x9
Love Sucks Sweetheart Gram x2
Date Night Sweetheart Gram x9

This list is empty.

01. highlights

up for trade for items in section 01 and 02 of my wishlist below.
i value these items at or above the waka value
(i take priscilla and current trends into consideration)
and prefer to trade for similar items.
i am always seeking duplicates to boost my trade fodder and finish my closet wishes!

This list is empty.

02. sale (a)

the items in this section are 2:1, some might even be 3:1 archive if i am in a good box situation.
this is organized and up to date to the best of my ability, but this list DOES get hectic sometimes so i apologize in advance if i traded something and did not move it off this list.
i will also consider 1 dyepot, training/lab/fq/upcycle cookie too ^^

p.s. 121 is just a method i use to keep things in the right section as occasionally the drag feature moves items to a new section and my list gets tossed around. the 121 system lets me see at a glance if something does not belong in this section. it does not mean i have 121 of that item :P (1-2:1=121)

This list is empty.

03. regular (a)

the items here i value at waka value or slightly above/on the higher end in rare situation (marked by a 77).
i will accept gbcs at full value but prefer item:item trades for things in my regular wishes section (03).
might consider dyepots or cookies if it is an overoffer.
any numbers (other than 77) indicate actual quantity, not value.

This list is empty.

04. sale (b)

items here are the same deal as my other sale section, just separated by side accounts so i can locate them easier come trade time.
this is 90% up to date but it can get a little messy since dti wont let me import any way except manual.
since these items are on a side account, i will absolutely do gbc surprise deals - you get as many items as i get boxes out of the cap you send me !!

This list is empty.

05. standard (b)

same rules apply here as the other regular trade list (a) above.
items here are up for trade for equal value items on my wishlist or for their value of gift box caps.
as they are on a side account, i am more likely to discount the items to see them gone.
This list is empty.

06. recovered (c)

thank you so much alice!
i was able to recover an old side i havent had access to since before 2008 due to it being hacked during the leak.
i might be closing it, since i created other accounts since it became inaccessible, but id love to recover some of the nc items i had there, which means i need boxes. this section is uft for gbcs mainly or wishes of course ^^
This list is empty.

Items control wants

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00. a word


hopefully you find something below that you are willing to part with.
i know my wishlist may be large, but my goal is to fill my closet with all the things i enjoy dressing my pets with so i created a master list.
so far i have ~3,926/3,952 of the items i love and use on my pets.
i rotate seasonal customs as well as fun customs for special events/holidays.
my past customs can be found on my lookbook here:
(last updated in december 2019 sorryyy working on it!!)

i can be found lurking sales boards on the ncc or falling in love with misspells on the pc and making customs that drag me back to the ncc
oh the vicious web we weave ;)
if for some reason you cant find me, or my inbox is full (as it can get when nc trading especially during cap season) feel free to connect with me on discord ~ your local catnip dealer#4468

This list is empty.

01. finishing touches / gallery

im closing in on finishing a new design/seasonal custom/just obtained a new permie.
help me bring it to life by offering these items first ! always seeking these above all else and likely willing to over-offer !
highlights are open for items marked 99 in this section and 121 means i am hoping to find it in a 2:1gbc/1:1 item sale of some sort.
* some items in here may also be for my gallery, in which case i may not be willing to overoffer *

This list is empty.

02. big tickets

i value these items as high or higher than the current owl trends (i also cross reference older waka values where there are no updated ones).
in certain areas i am willing to over-offer for these items and ALWAYS happy to negotiate on the perceived value of them.
my highlights are absolute game for this section as well as gbc + custom with no box limit.

This list is empty.

03. regular

the list below agrees with owls/waka values for most and i am even willing to over-offer in the circumstance of a rare or htpw item.
i will consider these items if added on as filler towards a larger wish in my highlights (uft 0.1) section and will always offer items, as well as occasional custom and gbcs.

This list is empty.
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