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.Please read.

Non-numbered lists are usually uft for GBC/custom. Neomail trades are fine - I'm always happy to look at offers.
Not actively trading at this time hence everything is public. Please expect slow replies.

Non-wearables UFT

GBCs: Dripping in Ice Cherry Blossom | Flower Power | Sunset Summer | Summer Citrus
Other Caps: Petrifying Pumpkin Phantom Retired Mystery Capsule | Retired Patapult Mystery Capsule 2022

Grams: Vintage Halloween Party Gram | Sweet Treats Sweetheart Gram | Heart Breaker Sweetheart Gram | Call Me Sweetheart Gram | Altador Cup Enthusiast Gram | Classic Halloween Costume Gram

This list is empty.

1. Closet

This list is empty.

3. HTPW/Highlights

Set to public - in rotation with closet but can be UFT for priority/big wishes.

This list is empty.


This list is empty.

Accessories UFT

This list is empty.

backgrounds UFT

This list is empty.

clothing UFT

This list is empty.

garlands/foregrounds UFT

This list is empty.


always accepting gbcs/caps/fqcs/dyepots/custom for these items

This list is empty.

Items eleganza_lights wants

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Dress to Impress
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