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01 Welcome

Hello ^^

Last updated: 21st of July 2023

I aim to respond within 24h, but may sometimes take longer if I'm busy irl. If I don't respond at all, it's caused by a neomail glitch.

I'm only interested in wishes at the moment. I'm happy to take GBCs, cookies, or browse your list for filler if you have at least one wish.

UFT capsules:

6x MME Retired Mystery Capsule

2x NC Mall 14th Birthday Ona Mystery Capsule

I use the value guide ~valisar for them.

This list is empty.

02HTPW (Only for hard to find high priority wishes)

This list is empty.

03 Highlights

Items that I think are particularly nice. They're mainly UFT for high priority wishes, but I may consider other wishes :)

This list is empty.

Regular UFT

Wishes Only

This list is empty.

(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.
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