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Items ember-soul owns

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+++All trades are made by and accepted from my only account, asiaminour.+++

~Last update: March 2023~
Faerie Quest FC (0) | NC Archives FC (1)
BF GBCs - Fall Forager Gift Box Mystery Capsule - ID: 83168 (3)
BF GBCs - Munching Meepits Gift Box Mystery Capsule - ID: 84615 (1)

Hi! :)
My closet is hidden for your convenience.

I like to double check values before trading, as I know they can change, so please be patient with me. But also know that I may not agree with every value listed. Overall, I'm a pretty reasonable person, and I promise I won't bite. Happy trading!

Note: Not interested in GBC's at this time, unless it is for Section 5, or have indicated otherwise with #11.

Non-Wearables UFT:
Peppermint Goodie Bag | Raindorf Goodie Bag | Neopets 22nd Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag | Neopets 23rd Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag | Holiday Secret Meepit Stach Plan 1-Pack | Lukewarm Left-Over Pizza | Spyder Mechanical Negg | Sound The Alarm Mechanical Negg | Rainbow Ray Mechanical Negg | Dyeworks Holiday Hue Brew Potion | Dyeworks Winter Hue Brew Potion

99 = HTPW (Definitely UFT, but will only go for specific wishes.)
88 = Gifts (In hidden closet, as I will never part with them.)
55 = Pending Trade
33 = Buyable (Including KeyQuest Tokens, Superpacks, Current Prize Pools, etc.)
34 = Patapult. Currently unbuyable.
11 = Will accept GBCs or Caps

77 = For my reference
66 = For my reference
44 = For my reference

Any other values are quantity.

This list is empty.


Things I think are extra special; not all necessarily high value. I would prefer this section to go towards my priority wishes, and will more likely be interested in 1:1 item trades. I do take into account DTI ratios, so that may have a bearing on the trade too.

My Flowing Wraith Dress or Flushed Blush will only ever go towards Black Bat Attack. If that interests you, I'm open to discussing values. :)

This list is empty.


Will accept GBCs and other CAPs for this section.

This list is empty.

7. SALE - 2:1 GBC or 4:1 BF GBC

Items ember-soul wants

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99 = Highest Priority
55 = Pending Trade
44 = Want to Replace/Spare
34 = Patapult
33 = Buyable
21 = Have Seen in 2:1 Sections

I would prefer to trade GBCs for some of the items I can find in 2:1 lists.

I can usually add custom/GBCs as filler. :)

This list is empty.



I think they're cute! But I don't have plans...
I just keep adding to this list, so some things I want more than others. Please don't be offended if I reject a fair offer.
Not interested in trading highlights for this section.

This list is empty.
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