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Items Relucere owns

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1. Closet UFT

Open to wishes & custom

This list is empty.

2. New Releases (Cap / Gram / Dyeworks stuff etc.)

Number = Quantity

This list is empty.

3. Regular TL

Halloween Haul Gram x2

Creepy Mutant Gram x2

Altador Cup Naturally Fanrific Gram x9

This list is empty.

4. Sale Section

2:1 Sale for GBC's| 3:1 BF GBC's | 1:1 FQC/Dyepot


This list is empty.

5. Non-Wearable NC UFT

This list is empty.

Items Relucere wants

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1. Actively Seeking

Some items I already have and seeking spares of (sorry in advance if I reject a perfectly fair offer!)

Will offer my highlights (currently hidden) for most if not all


9999 = Top Priority

77 - Spare

33 - For my own reference, please ignore ~


Any other number - OWLS range

This list is empty.

2. Everything Else

Offering TL, gbc's, custom, and depending on the item, highlights as well (currently hidden)

77 = Spare

This list is empty.
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