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0. Introduction

Hi all! ^_^

Thank you for stopping by my DTI Trade and Wish List! Hopefully you find some things you like.

Items are sorted by value from 1 cap to 4 caps and 5+ caps are in the same category. If you think an item is in the wrong category, please feel free to let me know. Also, we might not always agree on the values, so feel free to ask as some values might be negotiable..

I am almost always interested in custom. So please let me know if you can offer one!

Neomail is always open and I will do my best to always respond. If I have not responded in 48 hours, please mail again!

If you would like to skip straight to my Wish List, just Click Here

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1. Capsules and Non-Wearables UFT!

Looking for some old capsules? Link to my JellyNeo Trade List for Capsules and Non-Waerables can be found Here

This list is empty.

2. Hard to Part With and Highlights

These are items I like and some are Hard to Part With. More than likely will only trade for Priority Wishes, but please feel free to ask.

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3. New Items or Unknown Value

List of New Items I have UFT or Old Items that I am unsure of the value off.

If you know the value of any of these older items, please let me know so I can move them to the right spot!

This list is empty.

4. 1-2 Cap Value Items

Retired items worth 1-2 Caps.

This list is empty.

5. 2 Cap Value Items

Retired items worth 2+ Caps.

This list is empty.

9. 2:1 Buyable SALE!

Any two of these items for 1 Styling Studio Supplies OR any 4 for a Deluxe Styling Studio Supplies.