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Items x_rainbowzz owns

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0 - about me

Hello! I'm Manda, thanks for stopping by my wl/tl.
Generally I always try to offer customs/gbcs for wishes since I only recently got back into NC trading, so I don't have much nice fodder. Thank you for your time and send me a nm if we can work anything out!

I have a hidden closet, although a lot of it is htpw due to using them rather infrequently on customizations.

Numbers generally just mean quantity, however:
22 - side 1
33 - side 2
44 - side 3
55 - side 4
99 - not uft
77 - gift, never uft

This list is empty.

000 - dyeworks

This list is empty.

04 - clothing

This list is empty.

08 - trinkets & others

everything else that fits somewhere but i havent figured it out haha

This list is empty.

Items x_rainbowzz wants

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01 - priority wishes

This is a list of items that I prioritize & need for specific characters. I am always offering my tl, current gbcs, and/or custom for these.
This is just a generic priority list, the lists below that include 01.# are also priority, it's just my way of keeping what custom they're used for, more organized.
Numbers here are only for my own reference c:

This list is empty.

01.1 - in my dreams

01.1.0 - for 5kull

specifically for her winter outfit

This list is empty.

01.2 - for Harmonising

This list is empty.

01.5 - for Adsela

02 - casual wishes

Wishes that I see from time to time and hope to obtain. These are prioritized, but not as highly as those above.
Numbers here are only for my own reference c:

This list is empty.

04 - gallery nc wishes

i need to own everything snowager this is not a drill

This list is empty.
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