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About extravagance

Update 11/5/2017
I am currently out of boxes so any trade must include at least 1 GBC
As you can probably see I have just a small NC obsession from over the years. You can find my non wearable items that I am trading in my gallery
I am always looking for GBC, Game Tokens or items that my friends are seeking,

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My 2:1 Items

Some I may let go for 3:1 but it's pretty much just take them away please

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UFT _Extravagance_

Items that are looking for a new home from my side account

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Very Hard to Part With Closet

There are items that you will pretty much have to way over pay for because they are either permanent items or items that I love and plan on using in a customization.

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Items extravagance wants

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Alicia's Wishies

These are the items that I am seeking for my own accounts
Items without numbers are for my main account
Items marked with a 2 are for aliciakae
Items marked with a 3 are for indulgence
Items marked with a 4 are for extravagance
Items marked with a 5 are just items that I would like to have to possibly use in the future.
Items marked with a 6 are seasonal so they usually are not a high priority

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Belle's Wishies

Items that my friend Belle is looking for

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Kevin's Wishies

Items that my friend Kevin is currently looking for

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