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1. Hello!

LAST UPDATE: 4/12/2017

I am slowly making my way back from a hiatus at the moment. I am always available via Neomail for trades, though. It might take me a few days to respond, but I'm trying to check neomails once a week so I will certainly get back to you. I'm almost reliably back on Neo at least 3 days a week.

Some non-wearable items I am seeking:
Sparkling Negg Dust
Upcycle Cookies

I also have 3 Little Hearts Sweetheart Grams available if you're seeking anything from those.

This list is empty.

2. Giveaway

Some of these are buyables. Some of these are retired items. Some of these are 2 cap items discounted. You never know what you'll find! The number just means the quantity I have. I have no attachment to any of the items in this list, so I'm trying to just get rid of them. Send me a GBC and I'll send you 2-5 items based on the boxes I receive from your cap. I'm always throwing new things in this list, so keep an eye out if you're looking for certain things in a sale. I just might put it here.

This list is empty.

3. Regular UFT

This list is empty.

4. Very Picky/Frequently Used/HTPW

Hi there! This is just a reminder that I will be picky with the items here and may turn down a fair offer. However, still feel free to ask! I do not mind at all!

Items marked with a 99 are either currently in use or extremely HTPW. But my feelings towards my items are always changing! So feel free to check back later if there's something you're after. Any other number is just the quantity that I have. :)

This list is empty.
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