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1. Hello!

LAST UPDATE: 10/15/2018

Quantity on an item designates how many I have available!

This list is empty.

2. Giveaway

I have no attachment to any of the items in this list, so I'm trying to just get rid of them. Send me a GBC and I'll send you 2-5 items based on the boxes I receive from your cap.

This list is empty.

3. Regular UFT


This list is empty.

4. Very Picky/Frequently Used/HTPW

Hi there! This is just a reminder that I will be picky with the items here and may turn down a fair offer. However, still feel free to ask! I do not mind at all!

This list is empty.

5. Closet Items

These are items that I am too attached to trade at the moment. This is because I use them too often and cannot part with them. However, my feelings towards my items are always changing. If I'm after a particular dream item, I would consider parting with items from this section. But, so as not to get the hopes up of others, a rule of thumb would be to expect me to only trade these if I'm offering them. Thanks!

This list is empty.

6. NP Closet

This list is for my own personal use. Just need a place to keep track of what NP stuff I have.

This list is empty.
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