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Items crafty owns

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000 Intro 000

Updated Regularly

Accepting caps, Archive cookies, and item for item (show me your TL)...Currently not looking for Gbc's as I have enough boxes.. Sorry!

Box count = 100+

This list is empty.

1 gbc

These items are uft for 1 gbc or item for item.

This list is empty.

4 or more

Mainly reserved for HTFW. All items are worth 4 or more gbc's or item = to it... # is MAX waka, Priscilla value or what I have seen it trade at and NOT Necessarily What I'm Asking

Beautiful Green Painting Background and Radiant Glow is reserved for VHTFW and therefore will be very picky in what I trade it for

This list is empty.


Numbers are value.. if not numbered then it's a value of 1

This list is empty.

UFT 2:1

All items here are 2 for 1 GBC... Will take archive cookies and gbc's on some

This list is empty.

Items crafty wants

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Currently looking ~ High Priority

Stuff I am actively looking for. Offering GBC's, cookies, item for item... Items marked with 3 are highest priority

This list is empty.
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