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I am online daily :)

I have the right to double check values before going through with a trade :)
I use /~waka and /~priscilla and been using /~clara for some more info

99 after value means HTPW and/or closet.
88 means only UFT for Big Dreams.
77 means not UFT right now.


link to my non-wearables UFT:

Mystery Capsules & Goodie Bags
Witches Brew Retired Mystery Capsule
[x4] JubJub Power Bounce Retired Mystery Capsule
[x2] Scenic Spring Retired Mystery Capsule
[x3] Usukicon Y22 Mystery Capsule
Tropical Vacation Retired Mystery Capsule
[x3] Sweet Summertime Retired Mystery Capsule (mradew)
Mystery Swirl Gift Box Mystery Capsule (y)
Twinkling Lights Gift Box Mystery Capsule (s)
Fall Feathers Mystery Capsule
[x1] Premium Rewards Goodie Bag (mradew)

[x1] Money Tree Cupcake (mradew)
[x1] 8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake (mradew)
[X1] Spyder Mechanical Negg
[X1] Sound The Alarm Mechanical Negg
[X1] Rainbow Ray Mechanical Negg

[x9] Tyrannia Bone Bed (mradew)
[x1] Fun Kiko Lake Desk (mradew)

This list is empty.

Value: 1 GBC or 2:1 if I am able

Numbers are for my reference :)
1-m, 2-y, 3-i, 4-s, 5-b, 6-a

This list is empty.

Value: 1-2 GBC

HPTW items have a 99
VHTPW items have a 999

Other numbers are for my reference.

This list is empty.

z. Pending trade

This list is empty.

Items yopojoe wants

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Biggest Dream <3

This list is empty.

High Priority Wishes

21 = seen in 2:1 sales

This list is empty.

z Items I don't immediately need for customs but am interested in

77 means I have a slightly deeper desire for them lol

This list is empty.
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