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Background Collection

Is all that we see or seem

But a dream within a dream?

Most are HTPW. 7 means I only have one copy and it's in my closet. 8 means I only have one copy and it was a gift. 9 means it was both a gift and it's in my closet. The larger the number, the less UFT it is. Other numbers indicate quantity - more likely to trade a Background if I have a spare!

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From some of the nicest people and kindest of friends. Just a consistent reminder of some of the thoughtful souls out there.

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UFT Regular, make an offer, I don't bite. Okay to do some 2:1s if it seems fair

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Items yalecurling wants

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Actively Seeking

Items I am currently actively seeking. Can offer items in my UFT, GBCs and FQCs

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Casually Seeking

Not in a hurry to acquire these... But will eventually need them for an outfit or collection

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