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Items aquaantoni owns

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a1. Antoni's List

As a general, I am open to trading gbcs for my wishes. If you want to do item for item trade that is fine as well. However, keep in mind that some items are harder to part with than others. At this time, I am not seeking gbcs myself as I took a long hiatus and have plenty of boxes to spare. I can accept them to fill a gap when there is a small value difference but other than that, not seeking them for the most part atm. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

This list is empty.

a4. HTPW- More picky.

I guess these are the highlights? idk trying to organize. I only have 1 of each of these items but I haven't found a look I want to use them for yet. Might change my mind and not trade them later but for now they're uft. Please keep in mind that most of these are very rare. I am likely going to need to do a value check on them and the values on /~waka may not be up to date. I am reserving some of these in case I find a trade for Eventides so please respect that.

This list is empty.

a6. Only for Eventide Mountains - Closet I don't want to have to replace but will if necessary.

Don't make me trade these ;-; but maybe. I do have alot more stuff on my closet... if these items aren't what you seek for eventide, feel free to ask. Keep in mind that any of these items, I'm probably going to need to replace so if we can avoid it, I would prefer not trading from here. But if is absolutely needed, let's talk and see what we come up with.

This list is empty.

Antoni's Tradelist - 2:1 Sale

These are all 2:1 for GBCs.

This list is empty.

Antoni's Tradelist - Reg TL Extra Copies

This is a list of items I have more than one of in my closet so I put the spares on this list. I'm usually less picky if I have multiples of an item and more willing to trade it :) If there is a number on it it means I have more than one extra copy which means I'm even more willing to let it go. Please keep in mind that I'm not looking for gbcs at this time.

This list is empty.

Antoni's Tradelist- Reg TL

Items from my closet that I either don't use or don't really care for. They're still in my closet so I might find a use for them but for now, I don't mind trading them away.

This list is empty.

Antoni's Tradelist- Side Account items.

These items are all on my side account frostrider so I probably already have it on my main. They're still uft.

This list is empty.

Items aquaantoni wants

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Biggest Dream Wishlist (Will never get this ;-; but I can dream right?)

This is an item that I love and would love to have but I can't bear the thought of parting with half my closet for it ;-; I shall forever dream of this.

This list is empty.

Dreams Wishlist (more achievable)

Medium Priority- Items I traded away and would like to replace.

Very Low Priority: Unlikely to trade bigger customs or Bigger items for

These are items that I would either prefer to find in a 2:1 or do small 1:1 trades for. Not interested in doing multiples of these for bigger customs or items. May take one once in a while as filler but that's it.

This list is empty.

Very random list of wishes for friends

This is a list of items my friends are seeking and I'm keeping a lookout for them. I might be able to trade for some or refer you to their lists :) Priority of items in this one can vary.

This list is empty.
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