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Bonnie's Disclaimer

my discord un is .izsi , I can be reached that way too for trades
special is the only account I trade neocash on.

I recommend ctrl + F
Most of the time I don't list doubles

No Caps/Custom available unless I offer

Super Picky with most Closet Items
Some items I value differently than Owls

I also have these up for trade:
No of Cookies/Caps
0Faerie Quest

1 of each of these grams up for trade (no le)

Gothic Charm Sweetheart Gram
Enchanting Sweetheart Gram
Love is Undead Sweetheart Gram
Daunting Doll Mutant Gram

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Special's Harder to Part With

Please I don't mind offers on my items even if I am seeking certain wishlist items , I'm just a hoarder who gets a little picky sometimes. These items are in a tradelist too trade. Not gawk at. ^^

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Special's Regular Tradelist

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Items special wants

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NC Wishlist

Just so you know I may not be on everyday in a row, so if you find a trade in the meantime thats perfectly fine!

Open to Casual Trades

Seeking DSS and SSS /GBCS

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