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I do my best to answer any and all mails. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I haven't replied in a day or two.

4/18/18 : 10 Boxes Available | 0 GBC

Don't be shy about offering on any of these items - if you see things that are usually 2:1, feel free to offer as such.

I am always looking for new wigs and backgrounds.

My closet items are never listed here unless I forget to take something down - if it says FOR TRADE, it is actually FOR TRADE. I prefer item to item over GBC, but let's be honest, sometimes you need those capsules, so always feel free to offer them!

Additionally, I may be happy to use some of these items to over-offer on my priority wishes.

(I am almost always willing to offer custom as well.)

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UFT: Foregrounds & Garlands

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* Currently Arranged Pretrades *

(For my own reference. Items marked here have arranged pre-trades and I am not seeking them actively unless my trader backs out.)

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* Dream Items *

I wish, I wish.

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Lowest Priority

Wishlist: NP Items


Books for Tweek
8-Bit Power-Up Potion

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Dress to Impress
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