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Items ohmydollface owns

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* HTPW / Highlights *

My permanent closet is hidden; items on this list, however, MAY BE IN USE.
I am not seeking to trade these items for custom / gbc unless I specifically offer.

I do my best to answer any and all mails. I'm often on mobile however, and my memory has some problems. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I haven't replied in a day or two.

Last updated 11/25/23

My closet is hidden - I will look at your WL for my priority wishes!

Please bear with me while I organize this mess.

This list is empty.

2:1 GBCs

FQC cookies are loved, but depend on how many boxes I have currently.

This list is empty.

Main Tradelist

This list is empty.

Items ohmydollface wants

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* Any Pending or Pretrades *

If we are currently setting up a trade, items are here so they don't accidentally get traded in the meantime.

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* Highest Priority / Dream Items *

I am either actively seeking these items or would give a kidney for, I am happy to offer GBCs, custom, DW RR caps, arrange pretrades, etc.

My HTPW and sometimes closet are on the table for these items and will most likely value above /~Waka, please mail me your wishes!

This list is empty.

Casually Seeking

This list is empty.

Replacements / Spares

I'd be interested in these items as filler to replace things I've traded away, but in general, they won't make my highest priority for things I'm seeking.

This list is empty.
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