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1. UFT Main account

This is a list of items i have uft on my main account. I'm mostly limited in boxes, so i'm only interested in trading for wishlist items, gbcs or dye potions. Feel free to neomail me!

Some items may be HTPW, so it's possible that i reject a perfectly fair offer on those, but it all depends on which wishlist item the offer is about :) Others are more "sure take it" ^^

This list is empty.

1b. Items available from a gram/from games


55 = I have 1x Altador Cup Celebratory Gram, so out of the possible items i can offer ONE item!

66 = I have 1 wooden token, so i can get 1 item marked with 66

77 = I have 6 golden tokens, so i can offer ANY gold prize once or the same gold prize multiple times, up to 6x

In case you need something from the Patapult Bronze or Silver section, do also let me know and i'll try to see if i can get a token!

I'm not looking to trade this item 1:1 for a wish as i myself still need a few of these items, but i'm willing to add it when you have a bigger priority wish i need or ofcaurse also for the impossible dream wishes :)

This list is empty.

3. UFT on side 2

Current box amount: 2
99 refers to being (V)HTPW or a closet item, so please understand if i reject a perfectly fine offer on those items :)
Most of the items that came in a goodie bag are still in their goodie bag, so if you prefer to trade for the goodie bag that is totally possible for most items (certainly the ones without 99)!


Really Ripe Banana x 2
Lukewarm Left-Over Pizza x1

This list is empty.

6. Closet (probably not uft)

These items MIGHT be uft for hard to get, big items :) They are vhtpw however, so i might reject a fair offer on them. Some of these, i value a bit higher than the value guide, but feel free to ask :)

This list is empty.

Items spookygirafke wants

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1. NC Priority Wishlist

The priority items i'm looking for, meaning: I have a customisation in mind that i'm trying to complete with one of these items. Some in this list are more priority than others though, depending on which item is most necessary and which can be replaced by something else if i can't find the trade or run out of boxes.

When low on boxes, i'm saving my boxes for items in this wishlist, I even MIGHT be able to do a gbc for them depending if i have one or not

Always in need of gbcs too!

If an item is marked '10' it means i contacted someone with a trade proposal and am waiting for them to reply before seeking another trade

Feel free to neomail me if you spot something on my TL and can offer a custom! I am always seeking buyable things too! This list is empty.

1a Items needed for my new werelupe coming home in July 2018!

Some of these items are priority (99), others are a bit more casual. Other numbers are the lowest value on the value guide for this specific item. Interested in trading for all of these though for my new permie pet! heart

10= contacted someone about a possible trade 99= priority other number = lowest cap value on the trading guide

993 means priority item worth 3 caps 10994 means priority item worth 4 caps, contacted someone about it 2 means item worth 2 caps

This list is empty.

2. NC Casually Seeking Wishlist

Items i'm casually seeking for future customisations or general use on one of my pets (not decided yet)

In my neopets gallery (gallery of spookygirafke) you can find my full tradelist. Depending on the number of boxes and the number of priority wishes, it might be possible that i need a gbc included to trade an item for one of these casual wishes.

If an item is marked '10' it means i contacted someone with a trade proposal and am waiting for them to reply before seeking another trade
This list is empty.

3. Seeking in 2=1 sale

Seeking in a 2=1 sale if i have a gbc or otberwise 1=1 with a small item from my tradelist THIS LIST IS OUTDATED, I'M NOT CURRENTLY SEEKING THESE UNLESS I OFFER

If an item is marked '10' it means i contacted someone with a trade proposal and am waiting for them to reply before seeking another trade

111 means not actively seeking, but interested in getting if you don't have any of the others

This list is empty.

7. Seeking for a friend

This list is empty.
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