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0. Important Note!

*Finally back from Disney! (and I already miss it xD) Still getting back into trading again and catching up on new stuff.

Trading status: On hiatus from trading for a bit. There just isn't anything small/common that I really, really want right now. A couple hidden wl items but none that I feel like hunting down. :C

Important Notes:

  • This is not my full tradelist! My closet is always kept private.
  • Numbers indicate quantity, not value!
  • Inbox is full? Chuck a 'Foal-in-box' at me! Or dung, that works too. Most of the time I don't realize it's full until someone says something.

    Closet list status: Private currently. Not seeking big enough items to warrant setting it to public.

  • This list is empty.

    3. Backgrounds

    Backgrounds for trade. Quantity indicates how many I have, not value.

    This list is empty.

    4. Foregrounds

    Foregrounds including higher, lower, regular, and background items. Quantity indicates how many are available.

    This list is empty.

    5. Wigs/Hats

    This list is empty.

    6. Clothing (Dresses/Jackets/etc)

    Catch all list for items layered under dresses, jackets, shirts, trousers, etc.

    This list is empty.

    8. Handhelds

    This list is empty.

    Items guveniere wants

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    Priority Wishes

    99 marks wishes at the tippy top of my priority list!

    88 means I either have a pre-trade lined up already or am currently discussing a trade with another user and am not seeking them right now.

    This list is empty.

    Regular Wishlist

    This list is empty.

    Still buyable or Not currently seeking

    Lowest priority wishes. More than likely I'm not trading for these except as fillers for a bigger trade.

    This list is empty.
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