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0. Important Note!

I am currently on vacation! Responses will be very slow regarding trades as I am currently enjoying a trip to Disney. I promise I'm not ignoring any mails, I likely won't see them until the evening.

Also: This is not my full tradelist, my closet is currently kept private so feel free to toss me a wishlist and I can check if I have something listed from it. I'm usually up for casual trades if I have the boxes for it! You're welcome to mail me a TL if I have something you're after.

*Inbox is full? Just chuck a 'Foal-in-box' at me! Or dung, that works too. Most of the time I don't realize it's full until someone says something.

This list is empty.

1. Closet - favorite goodies, etc.

Status: Public, items not marked 99 are for trade. This list is usually private. The handful of times it is listed as public/trading means that I'm either hunting a very htf wish or I'm just bored and looking for a change.

Items marked 99 are the only ones not for trade. I either just traded for them and would like to play around with it a bit or they are currently in use.

88 are on a boxless side.

Items marked 777 were gifts!

^ A huge THANK YOU to Tiger for gifting me Lighted Holiday Foreground!! I had been searching for the foreground for over a week without much luck. ;-;

Thank you to Bri for the Hanging Lanterns and Leaves Garland!

Thank you to Kin for the Striped Ornament Garland!

This list is empty.

3. Backgrounds

Backgrounds for trade. Quantity indicates how many I have, not value.

This list is empty.

4. Foregrounds

Foregrounds including higher, lower, regular, and background items. Quantity indicates how many are available.

This list is empty.

5. Wigs/Hats

This list is empty.

6. Clothing (Dresses/Jackets/etc)

Catch all list for items layered under dresses, jackets, shirts, trousers, etc.

This list is empty.

8. Handhelds

This list is empty.

Items guveniere wants

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Priority Wishes

99 marks wishes at the tippy top of my priority list!

88 means I either have a pre-trade lined up already or am currently discussing a trade with another user and am not seeking them right now.

This list is empty.

Regular Wishlist

This list is empty.

Still buyable or Not currently seeking

Lowest priority wishes. More than likely I'm not trading for these except as fillers for a bigger trade.

This list is empty.
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