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00 An Introduction

Hi there, my name is Kaly! If you're checking through DTI for NC items and come across my lists, please feel free to mail me on Neo to discuss a trade. I'm more willing to casually trade from 2:1, 1 GBC, and Casual Trade lists.

I'd prefer to trade for wishes over GBCs any day. I do have a 2:1 for GBCs and 1 cap for GBCs/RR Caps.

Some item values differ from value guides. These are my personal values for my items. Some items in each category I may be more attached to. Again, please do not be offended if I decline a trade.

NC Non-Wearables for trade: Jubjub Power Bounce Token 1PK x1 Winter Lights Magic Elixir x2 Mysterious Dust of Yesteryear x1 Winter Starlight Snowglobe x1

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2.1 - 2:1 GBC

These items 2 for 1 GBC. Some items on boxless accounts.

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One GBC/Archive cookie

Everything here I am seeking 1 GBC or 1 Archive cookie for. Can trade from this section item:item at ~1-2 cap value.

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Section A: Casual Trade

Regular TL for trade. I prefer item trades over gbcs/custom, unless offered. Seeking wishes from all parts of WL for these.

Some items in this list are valued ~1-2 on /~waka, but personally value them 2+. I apologize for the inconvenience!

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Items Kaly wants

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Section B Mid Priority Wishes/Pops

Mostly populars that I am seeking for trading or customization items for outfits I am putting together (but haven't morphed/painted pet yet). I'm seeking these as 2nd/3rd priority, after the first two sections. If I'm still seeking from above, I may decline trade for these at this time. Thank you for understanding!

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