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An Introduction

Hi there, my name is Kaly! If you're checking through DTI for NC or NP items and come across my lists, please feel free to mail me on Neo to discuss a trade. Please note that I tend to take breaks from Neo, so it may take several days for me to reply.

I'd prefer to trade for wishes over GBCs any day. I may decline GBC offers on items valued 3+. Due to the amount of wishes I currently have, I am unable to trade casually as I will need the boxes for wishes.

Some item values differ from value guides. These are my personal values for my items. Some items in each category I may be more attached to. Again, please do not be offended if I decline a trade.

For non-wearable NC UFT (tokens, packs, grams, elixirs, and misc), please check out:


This list is empty.

Dyeworks for Lend

I may be willing to lend out the following items for a GBC.

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Even a 2:1!

Items in this section I value 2:1 for GBC, or ~1 for item trade value. This section is a mix of buyable and retired items.

This list is empty.

Everyday 1 GBC

Items in this list I am seeking 1 GBC each or item trade ~1-2 value. This list is a mix of buyable and retired items. I know a lot of these items can be found 2:1, but for me they are mostly on boxless sides (hence the need for a GBC).

This list is empty.

Everyday 2 GBCs

Items in this list I am seeking 2 GBCs each or item:item trade ~2-3 value, for/toward any wish/es.

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Items Kaly wants

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A: Non-wearable Wishlist

This is a list of non-wearable items I am seeking. In the case of the KQ Tokens, I am interested in the item inside the Token rather than the Token itself. The items themselves you will also find listed in my wearables WL.

Adventurers Sword and Shield, Gold Shoyru LE KQ Token, LE Gold Aisha KQ Token, LE Gold Blumaroo KQ Token, LE Gold Gelert KQ Token, LE Gold Kyrii KQ Token, LE Gold Usul KQ Token, LE Gold Shoyru KQ Token, LE Halloween Acara KQ Token, LE Halloween Jubjub KQ Token, LE Silver Aisha KQ Token, LE Silver Cybunny KQ Token, LE Silver Poogle KQ Token, Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion (any), Handy Negg Enlarger, Negg Puncher, Silver Cask Key, Sparkling Negg Dust, and Super Warm Holiday Mittens.

This list is empty.

High Value Wishes

Items in this list valued ~10+. Marked 99 are priority, and I would be interested in seeing WL for them. I can arrange custom/GBCs in addition to TL for these.

This list is empty.
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