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0. Welcome

Last MAJOR update: 18/4/1

99 = htpw
999 = closet / not uft (unless I specify)
All other numbers are quantity

fqc: 60 available
dyepots: 4 available

This list is empty.

1.1 Main Account

This list is empty.

New 2:1

2:1 gbc; 1:1 FQC or Dyepot

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Items deweydecimal wants

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1. Highest Priority

My ultimate dream NC piece.
I am willing to HEAVILY overoffer.
Offering TL, GBC, FQC, Dyepots onhand and negotiable NC custom.

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2. General Wishes

A collection of items I like. None of these are for customizations, rather they are just pretties I'd like to own. Probably not offering my htpw list for these.

If this list is visable I'm seeking it, if it's hidden then I'm saving boxes for a priority trade.

21= Looking in 2:1s for these not necessarily together though

This list is empty.

Dolls to finish collection

Dress to Impress
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