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*Please Read*

I may have differing values from ~owls for items in both my Regular and Highlight list

Most values I agree with ~Owls on but for others I may go based off of the seeking vs offering.

Customs/Cookies, GBC, and Wishes are all welcomed.

I may still turn down custom, cookie, and gbc offers depending on if I have a need for the item at any given time. Same goes for items on my Extras, Casual, Higher Cap, and Casual wishlists. Please still feel free to offer though since the worse I can say is no.

If you see something you like, and you found me through impress.neo, please feel free to neomail me. I try and be rather responsive even if I end up declining your trade but give me about 24hrs to respond.

Unless it’s listed on my TL, it’s not UFT - ie items on my pets are not UFT unless I offer

Styling Studio

Not looking to trade for Unreleased Tokens unless you’re seeking 1 DSSS for them. I can wait until release.

Extra Supplies listed below

0x Styling Studio Supplies
5x Deluxe Styling Studio Supplies

Current Tokens UFT:
Darigan Bori
Maraquan Zafara
Faerie Draik - Tentative

Current Token Wishes:

This list is empty.

Dyework Items

Most of these are in the 1-2 GBC range

Items listed as 110# are buyable and any number after the 0 is the quantity

Ex: 1103 = Buyable and I have 3

Any other number listed is quantity

This list is empty.

Gram Items


Items I would like to trade for my high value wishlist items.
Numbers indicate quantity. I may value these differently than ~owls depending on the seeking vs offering but feel free to give me an offer. Worst I can say is no

This list is empty.

Mall Buyables

Items for trade that can be currently bought in the Nc Mall as of Jan 2022. The numbers next to items indicates how many I have. Don’t really have a price range for these, but don’t have enough boxes to offer them in a 2:1 so, just offer whatever

Numbers are quantity

This list is empty.

Pet Paint Clothes (Extras)

Extra clothes for pets in these colors. If you don’t have the pet in the color of clothing listed then I can not trade you the items. Some of paint colors may not have all the items listed because Im using them in a cross paint custom

Clothes I couldn’t list as images but have:

Elderly Girl Aisha Clothes

This list is empty.

Regular TL

Values fluctuate between 1-2 to 2-3

A lot of the time I make a decision on value based on Owls and also the Seeking vs Offering amount

This list is empty.

TL items set aside for Trades

Where items currently in route are going if the trade may take longer than a couple mins

This list is empty.

Items dreamsinamist wants

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(WL) Items set aside for trades

Items in the process of trading for, just waiting on replies

This list is empty.

Extras Wishlist / Trading Fodder

Mainly a list of pops

Would prefer other items on my WL compared to this WL

Contains items I’d like extras of or items I could use to trade for other WL items

Set to public instead of trading, to avoid skewing the offering v seeking values.

This list is empty.

Friends Wishlist

Stuff my friends are seeking and I’m helping look out for ^^ if you have these and want to trade, please feel free to reach out

This list is empty.

Higher Cap Items

Items that are more obtainable but still a higher value.

Cap values for these items are roughly between 4-7

This list is empty.

Priority Wishes

Items I’m actively seeking to finish or enhance customizations

This list is empty.

Secondary Wishes

Wishes for alt customs or customs I want to do but may not have the pet yet

Would still very much like to trade for though

This list is empty.
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