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Items terahawk owns

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A: Dyeworks For Lend:

Please note the following: I'm online just about every night, and this list is up to date as often as I'm online, as something generally changes. I usually don't update box or cookie counts... they change way too frequently, so I'll neomail you to let you know what I have.

I may make a value check board to make sure values are current before completing a trade, especially if I am not sure I want to make the trade. I may sometimes use a guide as a base reference, then I'll factor in how hard to find the item on offer is, along with how hard to part with the item being asked for is before making or accepting/declining an offer. Long story short- I do my homework on the items being traded before saying yes or no. :)

I am always seeking dyeworks hue brews, 8th birthday sparkler cupcakes/cake, archive cookies, current nc event items, and shenanigifts invites. If you want to offer these instead of wearable items, please neomail me and we'll work something out.

Last but not least: Each list has its own set of instructions based on what I value the item at, or on how frequently I use it. I apologize for declining trades- it's nothing personal, I simply may not want to part with the item you've requested/go through the hassle of replacing it. Whether we trade or not, I wish you the best in finding what you want for your pets or others. :)

I'm happy to lend most of these for 1 gbc each, provided you have the cube to send it back. These are not UFT otherwise. For butterfly dress lends, please neomail first. Butterfly dress, though, is tentatively uft for golden scattered light garland.

This list is empty.

D: Private Closet

This is my htpw section, because I use these frequently in customs or really like the items. I'm still willing to trade them for items from my high priority wish list/some items from medium priority section, and of course the Insane List. Please neomail offers!

This list is empty.

E: General NC UFT

Items for Casual Trades or GBC/Archive Cookies/dyeworks potions, your choice. There are buyables in this list. I'm willing to go 2:1 gbc or 1:1 cookie/potion on most items in this list. Seeking item:item trades on items marked with a 7, for either my high priority or casual lists (medium to low). Any number not marked with a 7 means I have multiple items.

This list is empty.

Items terahawk wants

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Higher than Medium Priority. Far from Desperate. :)

These are items I'll be offering GBC's/Custom/some closet items or the items in my "For High Priority Wish List" section. Most of these are for very good friends. :) Please neomail me to work out trades for these, thanks.

This list is empty.

Low Priority/Would Like an Extra

So, I finally made the jump and separated my low priority from my medium priority list. I'm seeking item:item trades from items listed here. You can also use these as fillers for larger cap items.

This list is empty.

Medium Priority/Filler Wishlist

Not actively seeking, just mildly interested. Things I may want for future customizations or will happily take for trades. Please neomail offers if offering from this list.

This list is empty.

The Insane List

If you are offering something from this list, I'm having the best day of my neopian life. Closet and custom are open/uft for these, and I've got a lot of hidden things tucked away that are not listed for trading/public. Just tell me what you want and I'll go get it. Items marked with a 5 are in pre-trade status.

This list is empty.
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