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Box count on main: Too high to count!

Im more than happy to look through your TL you want to send it too me :) -Only necessary if either of us have many TL/WL items (like 10+).

I know my TL is 'busy' but that way people aren't wasting their time (or my time) writing and waiting for me to get back to them and just to decline.

\/ \/ \/

\/ \/


Please read the description of the lists you plan of making a offer from/for, I have stated in some description's what I am specifically seeking.

This list is empty.

0.5 non-wearbles UFT

On side:

Boxes: 0

11th Birthday Tropical Cupcake

11th Birthday Crystal Cupcake

11th Birthday Constellation Cupcake

On main:

GBC's Uft:

(GBC's wont be included in casual trades unless offered, higher priority items are what I would include them in a trade for but just ask!)

I have a couple GBC's I can offer but running a bit low at this time.

This list is empty.

1. Recent release items

99 is htpw

Items that buyable from the mall I will buy before a trade, so if its not available in the mall anymore I may not be able to do a trade, so please keep that in mind :)

This list is empty.

2. Dyeworks

99 is somewhat htpw

This list is empty.

3. Items for general trade

99 is somewhat HTPW

This list is empty.

4. Easy to part with

2+ for 1

This list is empty.

Closet/try to pry

List is set to public.

95% unlikely to trade away anything here but the right offer might just sway me, so this list will remain visible if you end up on my TL.

99 means least likely to trade.

This list is empty.

Highlights / Closet / For small & Big Dreamies wishlist

Please understand if I turn down a fair offer.

Most of my notable items are in my closet or accomplishments, which is why my highlights can be a bit stale in comparison lol

If I trade these away, it will be for equal or higher value items, not for multiple smaller items/buyables/very common items unless offered :)

88 is only uft for items in my high priority/Dreamies and populars lists. While 66 is only uft for Dreamies and some populars. (Picky with these marked items) Thanks c:

This list is empty.

Items opel1156 wants

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Highlights description applies here :) Trading items marked 66 for these.

For these items I am offering from all my lists, including accomplishments and closet (though I will still be very picky with those two lists).

MiniMME17-B: Evening Rooftop Background is my one if my highest priority items. Valued at 50-60 caps, not over offering at this time, thanks.

This list is empty.

0.75 seeking priority! Temporary list

Upmost priority at this time. Please offer above everything else if you have these c:

Please use 'need now' description for the numbers used on the items :)

This list is empty.

1. Need now

Items I am actively seeking because they are for a rotational outfit I'm currently putting together. Not trading items from here for my highlights unless marked by 5.

Will borrow some of these items (marked by 7) if you are okay with me holding onto them for a little while, will give a small wish in return :)

99 is high priority!

This list is empty.

2. High priorty wishes

Can offer from highlights and certain items from closet for these. Have been seeking them for a loooooong time.

The more 9's the higher the priority :)

This list is empty.

4. Low priorty wishes

Items that I have ideas for the future to use but dont have the pets for them yet or they're for a rotational fit.

The more 9's the higher the priority :)

Offering some highlights for items marked 5

Preferably seeking for a 2:1 trade for items marked with 21

This list is empty.

5. Dreamies

Offering highlights and some closet items. May take offers that include items from my accomplishments but please dont be hurt if I decline a fair offer.

You can ask for many of my items if offering from this list if that suits you. By that I mean small items to make up the cap not multiple larger values items for an over offer.

The more 9's the higher the priority

Always seeking this list :)

This list is empty.

6. Populars or high cap

This list is generally not a priority, unless marked by 2, 3 or 4. Can offer highlights and certain closet items but may turn down a fair offer depending on the item :)

No number- lowest priority. Some items I'm more interested than others.

2- Medium priority. For a customisation but lower priority due to not starting the customisation yet.

3 - Higher priority. Most likely to accept offers for these out of all the items here. Needed for customisations.

4 - seeking now

Even with high priority I may decline offers if asking for certain items from my TL.

Items with very low supply and high demand I would be very interested in trading for.

This list is empty.

7. Already own but would like another of / Needing to replace

Not offering from highlights or closet unless the item below is marked with a five.

This list is empty.
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