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A. Introduction

Welcome! Please enjoy browsing my trade list! Just a couple of guidelines for me and my items:

  1. My items are all UFT meaning there are no closet items and no hidden lists. What you see here will always be available for anyone and all offers are considered.
  2. I only have one NC account and only those pets are being dressed up. Therefore, just as a reminder if you should forget which account to send something to, it's always darkangelsjls85. My side account does not participate in NC stuff, nor do those pets. shrugs
  3. Please, please, please neomail me - for anything at all. Offers, advice on values, tips on trading, how to find your dreamies, anything at all. Neo is not particularly mobile, but I login on my phone from time to time during the day, so I always check for mails. Especially offers. I will almost always accept any offer, and even if I do decline, I will always mail you back. And possibly haggle with you! If you're up for it, I'll go back and forth with you all day if I have to, just to make you happy!
  4. Have fun trading!
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A. Lends


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Z. NP Wearables!

I can put items in my shop or in my trades. Mail me if you see something you just have to have and we can negotiate a price. :D

It's at the top too, but so you don't have to scroll back up :D

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Draco, the Baby Shoyru

Z. Trading Fodder

Sometimes I see a popular item and I think if only I had that item, too, I could ask for whatever I wanted! So I'm looking for these only as trading fodder. If I have a grand enough item for one of these, and you don't have my wishes, I'd be willing to trade for one of these. :) Thanks for reading!

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