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I just started a new job in November and I've been incredibly busy with that, the loss of a foster kitten, the holidays, traveling, and taking care of my remaining cats. Please understand I am very unlikely to respond to neomails at this time as I barely even have time to log into Neopets at the moment! My apologies, and best of luck trading!

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top priority TL only

NC items in my SDB/closet, VERY hard to part with & only for large wishes (12+ GBC). Likely only trading as part of a trade for Cherry Blossom Garland!


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Trade List

UFT items from my SDB

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UFT on transcribe

NC items on my side, transcribe

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Items raelien wants

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For YEABOY !!!! (High Priority)

items for banana_220

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NC Wishlist

NC Wishlist on JN

Mostly seeking priority items, very very very casually seeking all else

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