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Items scrumple owns

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0. Hi!

I can usually offer custom and have lots of GBC too (at the moment). My closet is usually hidden, so if you have something off my priority WL, feel free to send me your WL!

I am currently only actively seeking my high-priority and to a lesser extent my medium-priority WL. I am also looking to trade my regular TL for archive and lab cookies, but I am not seeking GBC.

I am still open to mails about the rest of my WLs, but I may turn down a fair offer since I probably don't need it at the moment.

Non-wearable UFT:
BF and regular GBC
Sweetheart Gram RR Capsules
2020 DW RR Capsules
Baby Bash RR Capsules
2 x NC Mall 12th Birthday caps
Pretty in Pink Sweetheart Grams
Enchanting Sweetheart Grams
Gothic Charm Sweetheart Grams
Warm Winter Nights Grams

Seeking (aside from wishes) and in order of priority:
Archive cookies
Lab cookies

Dyeworks originals I can lend for a dyepot/cookie, or 2:1 for GBC:

This list is empty.

A. Highlights

Higher-valued or more popular items - would strongly prefer for these to go towards high-value or high-priority wishes (potentially medium, but probably not).

This list is empty.


Generally looking for wishes, GBC, dyepots, cookies! c:

This list is empty.

B. Dyeworks

Some of these may not be UFT if I don't have spares (which won't be reflected in the numbers because my closet is hidden), but most are!

This list is empty.

Items scrumple wants

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C. Low Priority

I like these, but often don't really need them - open to these as filler or for GBC/TL!

This list is empty.

D. Seeking - DW

Some are higher-priority than others - may turn down fair offers if I'm wanting to save up for something else / have no immediate plans!

This list is empty.

E. Pretties I have no plans for

These tend to be pretty high-value, no immediate need/plans for them but I'm happy to be offered for wishes/GBCs/etc.

This list is empty.
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