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Gotta keep all the babies dressed up cute! They are one of my favorite pet colors!

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Will trade for GBC'S or cookies

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Baby Dyeworks in Baby section. Will accept GBC'S and cookies for most items.

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Highlights HTPW

I know some of these aren't as high valued or htf but I like them. I would prefer these items to go toward wishes. 9 means htpw or a bit pickier on what I trade it for. 55 means trade pending.

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Love is Undead Grams

I have 1 uft. You can have 1 of the following. (No LE)

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Queen of the Maraquan Sea Gram

Regular UFT

Will accept GBC'S, cookies or custom for this section.

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Small UFT

3:1 BFGBC 2:1 GBC/archive 1:1 lab/FQ cookie

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Teddy Bear Grams

Items 06Lolo wants

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Items I'm most likely always looking for and will probably never own.

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For friends

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High Priority

Items I need for permanent customs or Upcoming Holiday or Season Customs.

21 means this item might be found in a sale.

55 means trade pending.

88 Can offer full/ partial custom when available.

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Low Priority

Items I don't need right away or items I can find replacements or do without.

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Medium Priority

Things I will need soon but not as soon as my High Priority. Still will trade for them as long as I have boxes.

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