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Up for Trade

If it's here, it's up for trade! (bf/gbcs, various caps, archive cookies, custom, wishes)

Some items I may value personally higher than ~owls.

Will organize this list ...eventually. Someday. Props to all who do!

Actual closet and NFTs are not listed.

Feel free to shoot me a message and I will respond when I can.
I try to get on daily but as life happens, it can take a day or so as well. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Some items may no longer be available so I will have to double check upon inquiry.


This list is empty.

Items lovinkitkats wants

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Casual Unnecessities

Oh, the pretties!!

Things I "may" eventually get. Maybe. Some I already own but may want backups. Some items listed are put here just for future reference so please do not be upset if I turn down your offer(s).

Nothing here is a priority.

This list is empty.

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Dress to Impress
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