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0 - Blurb/Info

always offering custom/gbc towards my HTF wishes!

Last Updated: 4/24/17

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1 - Highlights

Tentatively UFT for some of my expensive/HTF wishes.

Currently looking primarily to trade these for:
- Curled Updo Wig
- Autumn Front Porch BG
- DW Black: Midnight Dazzling Wig
- Dark Lace Dress

If you have any of those UFT but don't see what you want here, mail me what you're looking for.

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2 - UFT

Some of these are harder to part with than others.

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3 - 2:1 GBC

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Items alooongtimeago wants

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2 - Medium Priority

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3 - Low Priority

Pretty things that would be nice to own but that I don't have concrete plans for at the moment.

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