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2 - Items Pretty or Popular - Not UFT for GBC

Some of my items I am more attached to, or I just simply value higher that the value guides. Please do not be rude if you do not agree. At the end of the day values are subjective, and I may value my items sightly differently, if you disagree your free not to trade with me.

Number 99 means I really have doubts if I want to part with them! But, I can think for my highest wishes!

This list is empty.

3 - Special UFT

UFT preferably for my Wishes

This list is empty.

4 - Smalvaradd UFT

This list is empty.

5 - UFT

This list is empty.

6 - 2:1, Buyables and Freebie UFT

1:1 for cookies (no fqc), dye potions

2:1 for GBC, archives cookie