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Welcome! I am an active NC trader, who has been collecting NC items for about ~3 years. I try to keep this list updated, but it is not 100% accurate.

You are welcome to neomail me to setup a trade, but I must warn you, I am terrible at answering neomail, please dont be offended, and you are welcome to neomail me again, or find me on the NC Chat.

Currently not trading via neomail as I am on semi-hiatus. I will make boards on the NC chat when I am trading/lending. Sorry!

Last Updated: September 2020

My trade list can be found in multiple sections below. List B.,C. and H. in general arent for trade unless offered or it says so on my board. D. Is my higher value items/harder to part with things. E. Is my DW tradelist. I do NOT value most of these items at ~1-2, especially the older ones. So my values will differ from the guide. But these items are UFT. F. Is my general tradelist, that I have no real attachment to. G. Is my 2:1 (which is mostly buyables). In general, I dont do 2:1, unless specified elsewhere. H is gifts that aren't UFT unless I have a spare elsewhere.

Numbers are mainly for my benefit. Items in the 90s are on my sides.

99- Side tpel

98- Side physics_nightmare

97- Side future_physicsist

96- Side tpels_side

My wishes are in several lists as well, which in my wisdom start over the alphabet. A. Are dream wishes, or higher value items I would like to have someday. B. Are higher priority items I am actively seeking. C. Is my dyeworks wishlist. I am obsessed and am always seeking items/spares from the dyeworks line. D. Are my general wishes, and finally, E. is filler wishes. F. Is a list of items that I consider popular and would love spares of. This list is by no means everything considered popular.

Numbers are mainly values, though I tend to be behind on valuing items. With the occasional exception (especially dyeworks) I follow guides for values (like waka).

This list is empty.

D. Tradelist- Highlights/HTPW

These items are harder to part with but are uft. May not be UFT for gbcs though (depends).

This list is empty.

E. Tradelist- Dyeworks

These are things I have spares of and are willing to trade. Probably wont trade at ~1-2 though as dyeworks are usually more valueable to me.

This list is empty.

F. Tradelist- General

These items are up for trade for other items or gbcs.

This list is empty.

G. Tradelist- 2:1

This list is offered 2 items for 1 GBC/Cap

This list is empty.

G.II. Special 2:1

Seeking AC RR Caps for this list. 2 items for 1 AC Cap.

This list is empty.

Items tpel wants

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A. Dream Wishes

Items I will sell my soul for, or are hard to find and I would like them.

Willing to offer from (sometimes hidden) closet, just let me know if you want to work something out for a dream wish.

Numbers indicate rough waka value (from when I last updated list) (August 2019), BUT values are subject to change, its just for me.

This list is empty.

D. General Wishes

Items I may want at some point, but I may not always be after.

Numbers indicate rough waka value (from when I last updated list) (August 2019). I am flexible as to the value though on most items. Sometimes I forget to add a value so if you see one without a value, and its rarer, I probably forgot to add the value.

This list is empty.

F. Populars

These are items that are considered popular, and I will take in trade. This list is not fully inclusive so feel free to offer your pops.

Numbers indicate rough waka value (from when I last updated list) (March 2019)