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00. Preamble - please read before offering!

Welcome to my tradelist! All items that are not for trade are unlisted (and this is always changing)!

Number labels correspond to the value range last seen on /~Waka, for easy reference. If it's off, please let me know!

Items tagged "99":
- For sure not looking for GBCs/custom (unless otherwise stated on a board)
- Uft for the right kind of offer (hard to find wishes, specific wishes)
-An item I may value higher than /~Waka
- An item that I'm overall very picky with but welcome any offers. The worst thing I can do is say no~

Items tagged "88" are just for my own records, please ignore!

Sometimes I can offer GBCs. Feel free to inquire!

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02. BGs

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03. Foregrounds

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04. Garlands/Showers

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05. other

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