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Items Irishminx owns

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[-] INFO

DTI has a new site with updated active UFT/SEEKING ratios!

Great resource for checking if an item is htf/popular/wrongly valued on outdated guides

Sites worth bookmarking:

New DTI:

Newest value guide: /~owls

Feel free to mail me!

This list is empty.

[1] Tradelist

This list is empty.

[3] Side Acc Items

No idea what boxes are on these sides - will have to check before agreeing to any trades!

This list is empty.

[5] Open Closet

The less picky items in my closet

Will trade these depending on priority of the wish I'm offered c:

Feel free to offer, I don't bite!

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Items Irishminx wants

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[1] Eventual Goals

Will offer about anything for Shamrock Vine Arbour

This list is empty.

[2] Actively Seeking

555 = Higher Priority, will add GBC for these if I have them at the time!

This list is empty.
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