RosaIce's items

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Items RosaIce owns

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00 Please Read

Everything you see is up for trade

(except for the dyeworks lending section)
*this is a huge list so I might forget to update sometimes*

Anything marked with 9 is only UFT for dreams and high priority

I'm not looking for GBCs at the moment, unless they are to fill in value

NM are welcome
I also have patapult prizes that I can redeem
Non-wearables for trade:

GBC - 10
Dye - 14
Customs - Unlimited
lab ray X2, Games Fortune X2, Faerie Quest X2, Training Fortune X3,
Nursery Time X2, Manor Mystery X3 NC Archive X9

This list is empty.

~ 1-2 ~

items valued at 1-2 on waka
this does not reflect my own values but most of the time I follow guides that are up to date
I will always check before finalizing a trade if the value has changed

This list is empty.

~ 2+ ~

items valued at 2 caps or higher
items marked with 9 are only UFT for dream and high priority wishes

this is an in-between list while I'm going through all of the items. I will expand it out later

This list is empty.

~ permanent dyeworks ~

I have the originals for these so I'm taking 1 dyepot for anything here
* the grey MGM is not here cause of how many have asked for it compared to the other 2 colours *

This list is empty.

~ The Buyables ~

This list contains items that are permanently buyable (those I still have in my closet I'll gladly trade 2:1 just ask)

This list is empty.

Items RosaIce wants

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- A - Dreams -

these items are dreams
hopefully I can trade for them some day
everything you see is UFT for this list

This list is empty.

- A - High Priority -

These are things I would like to have for customs that are coming up (things with numbers means that it's for friends)

This list is empty.

- Collections - Dyeworks -

This is lowest priority

This list is empty.

- Collections - Wig -

this is my lowest priority WL wigs marked 21 I'm looking for as fillers or in 2 for 1

This list is empty.
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