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!! Welcome !!

I don't like box heavy trades when I can avoid it, sorry.
I tend to value items on the lower end when it's not on my priority list.
My goal is to finish trading so I can be done; it's not my idea of fun.
Please give me 24 - 48 hours to respond; I am usually online, but get distracted by my 3 little mischief Myncis.

I'd love for you to check out my petpages: (My personal page directory)

My Personal Pages: (Portfolio/About me) (Wishlist) (Dragon Diagram) (Lookbook) (Screenies) (Reading Badge Checklists)

My Sites: (Dragon Divinations: Astrology of Neopia) (Dead Designs: Character Adoption Directory) (Dragon Dailies) (Mobile User Dailies&Links) (Dragonscales: the Neopian Dragon Directory) (Spud: premade CSS)

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1! rosemmary

See current 'stock' here:

Will trade 2:1 for Speed increasers.
~ 8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake
~ 7th Birthday Cake Slice #2

also have:
Neopets 18th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag, Colorful Magical Negg, Pink and Green Swirl Toy Negg, Holiday Goodie Bag, Sweet Dreams Goodie Bag, Ornament Holiday Goodie Bag, Spooky Skull Goodie Bag, Holly Tree Goodie Bag, Festive Balloons Goodie Bag, NC Mall 4th Birthday White Goodie Bag, NC Mall 4th Birthday Blue Goodie Bag, Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag, Bigsby Shadingtons Wonderclaw Widget 1-pack, Ghost Melton Goodie Bag, Blue Festive Balloons Goodie Bag, Cloudy Magical Negg, Cracked Magical Negg, Raindorf Goodie Bag, Neopets 15th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag, Peppermint Goodie Bag, and Pikis Valentine Goodie Bag.

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! High Priority

Needed to finish customisations.

Numbers are for which account they would go on. {{ 1111 = rosemmary ; 2222 = sesamme ; 3333 = turmmeric ; 4444 = marjoramme ; 5555 = chipotleh }}

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