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1. welcome

Hello and welcome to my wish + trade list! Here you will find the items I'm seeking for customizations and maybe a few random ones that I like but have no real use for. I do have a hidden wish list of items I have no use for for but would like to get, so send me your trade list and I'll take a look!

boxes atm: 52

My accounts are: sterneflugel, sterneflugel3, sterneflugel4, feverofdespair and familha_cullen only.

every item up for trade is listed here, my closet list is private and only for my own reference

This list is empty.

2. NC Items UFT

DW Lends: 1 GBC

Other items:
1x Money Tree Cupcake
6x Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion
4x Pretty Pink Drink Mystery Capsule
1x Classic Halloween Costume Gram
3x Beaming Baby Retired Mystery Capsule

This list is empty.

Items sterneflugel wants

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5. Priorities of the Month

This list is empty.

6. Priority Wishes

Will offer GBCs for the items on this list, I really need them to finish customs and would be more than happy to trade for them! (might over offer for some of these)

GBCs atm: 0

This list is empty.

7. Casually seeking

Might need these for alternate customs or might just want them for a pet because I liked it, may or may not offer GBCs for these, but feel free to ask!

This list is empty.

8. NP Wish List

This list is empty.
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