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Items heyjupiter owns

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00. Updated late July 2021

7/26/21: I will be SUPER busy this week and next week because I’m a teacher, and it’s back-to-school time. Please be aware that if you message me for a trade, I might not be able to respond for 12 to 24 hours. Thanks for understanding!

Hello! Mail is always welcome, but please give me some time to respond. My time zone is the same as NST.

I have a lot of 11/27 Black Friday GBCs and would love to trade them for my priority wishes. I can offer regular GBCs and custom for other wishes as well.

Currently Seeking:
Jinjah Gift Box Mystery Capsule

I hope you're having a great day!

This list is empty.

01. UFT: HTPW / Pretty Things

This list is mainly for wishes from list 08. I'm open to other trades, but I apologize if I turn down an offer.

number = quantity I have

This list is empty.

03: UFT: (Spoiled) Baby Closet

I have three baby pets and want to get a fourth when we can have more pet slots. * sweats *

These are closet items that might still be for trade for some wishes. Please send a specific offer.

No number (I have only 1) AND items marked 99 = only for my wishes from list 08

other number = quantity I have

This list is empty.

04. UFT: Dyeworks

I'm seeking wishes for this list.

number = quantity I have

This list is empty.

06. UFT: Regular Trade List

number = quantity I have

This list is empty.

07. UFT: Two For One Sale

Pick 2 items for 1 GBC, RR cap, archive cookie or small wish --OR-- 3 items for 1 BF GBC --OR-- 1 item for 1 Faerie Quest Cookie or Dyepot

Please note that some of these items are buyable.

number = quantity I have

This list is empty.

Items heyjupiter wants

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08. Priority Wishes

In addition to item trades, I can trade BF GBCs or other custom for this list.

Also seeking:
Jinjah Gift Box Mystery Capsule

This list is empty.

10. Lower Priority & Small Wishes

This huge and growing list has small and big wishes I'm keeping track of.

In addition to items, I can trade GBCs or custom for a lot of things on this list, if that's what you're seeking. Some items here are lower priority than others, regardless of value.

77 = maybe someday

21 = only seeking in 2 for 1 sales

other number = for my reference

This list is empty.
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