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1. Hello!

helllooooooooo!!! I am usually online super often but if I don't reply for some reason it's prob bc I either forgot to or bc i'm not interested in trading for whatever you offered, sorry :c

I know some of you HATE categorised items but with this many items now, it's too chaotic for me to browse my own stuff if I do it any other way, sowwie :') ^^

Sadly, I usually don't rly need GBC's, I have a LOT of them, I'd rather trade for items I want. Sometimes I'm willing to trade for dyeworks versions so if you don't have one item on my want list, but have a dyeworks version (pink or purple I usually like) feel free to offer!

Every categorised item is Up for trade unless marked 99- otherwise it's a HTP item- again, I'd usually prefer something off my WL rather than GBC but if it's a lower value 1-2 item I might make an exception. Also feel free to offer similar cutesy items if you've got something you think I might like!

Ty for reading :)

Really wanting to trade for ombre cloud garland btw~~~ i will consider it for htp items !!!


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2. Backgrounds

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2B. Foregrounds

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2C. Garlands

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4. Wigs

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4A. Beards/Moustache

7. Accessories

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