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Items smilingxcat owns

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00. About

Online fairly often. Feel free to neomail my main cupsandsaucers
If I don't respond in 24 hrs, feel free to ping me on discord at Larkspur Lane#4720

Using /~owls & /~waka as a rough jumping-off point for values.
Offers of GBCs, cookies, and wishes are all happily considered!

Last clean sweep: 31 Aug 2022

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08. Sale

2 items for one GBC. 3 items for one BFGBC.
1 item for a FQC or dyepot.

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10. Pending Trades

Things people have messaged me about or that I've offered up.

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Items smilingxcat wants

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00. Inquired After

Just keeping track of things I've messaged people about.

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03a. Main account - Cups & Saucers

Things that made me go "oh, shiny!"
Casual trades only.
Also, super long shot wishes.

For the pastel creeps.

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