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<<< PLEASE READ >>> Presently taking a trading hiatus - you are free to offer but I may not respond as I get many NM daily and have a very busy schedule! Hope you have a fabulous day!!! :)

How I determine values:

  • ~owls guide

  • DTI & Jellyneo ratios (how many offering vs seeking)

  • Age, rarity (special event?)

  • Cap item vs. Mall buyable (Desired cap items tend to be worth more in value because it's a gamble whether you get the item. A mall buyable is available immediately for purchase during its time frame - these tend to have a lower value earlier on until age plays a part.)

  • Person attachment (rare but sometimes it's there :] )

  • This list is empty.

    a. Capes UFT

    capes, cloaks, caplets - I am usually attached to these so regardless of owls value I might find these htpw/higher personal value. They're still uft for the right item :)

    This list is empty.

    c. Makeup UFT

    makeup, body markings, body paint, etc

    This list is empty.

    f. Backgrounds UFT

    This list is empty.

    g. Clothes UFT

    Shirts, pants, dresses, and similar items here

    This list is empty.

    h. Foregrounds UFT

    This list includes foregrounds, garlands, frames, etc - basically anything that enhances a background

    This list is empty.

    i. Headwear UFT

    Wigs, hats, headpieces - anything that can go on ya head is uft here :)

    This list is empty.

    l. Accessories UFT

    This list is empty.

    Z. 1 cap

    Seeking: Contact caps, pink paper bags, Faerie/Lab cookies

    This list is empty.

    Items nauticaled96 wants

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    a. TIER 1

    High priority items. Seeking these above all else for specific customs!!! Need them ASAP :)

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