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0.0 Welcome!

Hiya! Thanks for checking out my TL/WL. I'm usually seeking wishes (Always Seeking Top Priory WL). Sometimes I'm able to offer customs as well! Open to casual trades & Caps/GBCs most times depending on what's in the mall. My Highlights & HTPW lists are not usually UFT for things outside of my wishes - feel free to ask though, the worst I'll say is No. c:

I have hidden closets that are not visible - if I really want something I'll check for your WL items in the event that I have something to trade.

Hope to trade soon. :)

This list is empty.

0.001 Pending Trade

Anything here is being discussed for a current trade.

This list is empty.

0.01 Highlights

Mostly seeking Top Priority Wishes for these but feel free to make an offer : Number equals Quantity unless 199/99=HTPW/V

This list is empty.

0.02. UFT Higher Tier: HTPW/High Value-Ratio

Ideally seeking wishes for these - will consider other offers if value met or over offer. I use Owls but also go by ratios. 199 = VHTPW

NON-WEARABLE(S) UFT: Shenanigifts Retired Mystery Capsule 2023

This list is empty.

0.03 Dyeworks

Numbers equal Quantity 99 is HTPW

This list is empty.

1. UFT

Now Seeking DW Caps, (BF)GBCs, or Wishes; Numbers equal quantity available

Anything here that is in the HTPW is an extra

This list is empty.

2. MMEs

Number equals quantity

This list is empty.

2.2 Mutant Wardrobe

2.3 Baby Wardrobe

Baby Items UFT Number equals quantity

This list is empty.

3. 2:1 GBC/Cap

Any two items from here for one Cap or GBC

Esta lista está vacía.

5.1 Spooky / Scary / Halloween

5.2 Winter, Snow, & Ice

5.4 Summery Vacation

Items roekdoekay wants

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(needed to finish customs)

888 = only able to trade for item to item trades

200 = looking to trade for items off my regular UFT list/Customs/GBCs <3

This list is empty.


Maybe with BFGBCs this year

High value items that rn are out of reach but I want for customs

This list is empty.
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