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0. Greetings!


Please feel free to drop me a neomail so we can trade! :) Numbers mean quantity on all lists, except for my "UFT 3+ GBCs list". That list, numbers indicate value.

Currently Seeking GBCs :)

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1. Highlights and HTPW

Favourite items, closet items- not all of them are worth much, but I use them and love them. They are in this list because they could be UFT for my priority wishes. Would rather not accept just GBCs for this list unless I offer :)

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2. Not UFT Unless Offered- Favourites and Current Customs

3. UFT Worth 1

UFT worth 1- not always looking for GBCs, but feel free to offer. Numbers are QUANTITY :)

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3. UFT Worth 2 GBCs

Items I value at 2! Some are items I just like more than other 1-2 items, so I personally value at 2. :) Not always looking for GBCs, but feel free to offer

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3. UFT Worth 3+ GBC

numbers are what I value them at. Some are a bit more HTPW than others, but I am open to offers. Would prefer to trade these for priority wishes, not just GBCs.

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5. 2:1 Trade

NUMBERS ARE QUANTITY, not VALUE. All 2:1 GBCs or 1:1 Dyepot!

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Gallery Items I Have

For my own reference! Not UFT, thanks.

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2. High Priority: Specific Customs

would like these as soon as possible!! :) 99- highest priority

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5. To Replace

For My Gallery

Seeking FAIR deals for these, checking Waka and 2:1 lists. please offer accordingly :) I'm in no rush for filling my gallery, so these are reaaally not high priority, unless they're in the other lists. I'm happy to accept them as filler. But please feel free to make offers- I'll eventually fill my gallery :P

Non-Wearables Needed: Mystical Swirl Gift Box Mystery Capsule

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