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0. Dyeworks Lending- 2:1 GBC or 1:1 Dyepot/Cookie

1. Highlights and HTPW

Favourite items, closet items- not all of them are worth much, but I use them and love them. They are in this list because they could be UFT for the right trade- but not interested in just any trade for this list. Please feel free to offer though :) I like considering new possibilities!

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3. UFT worth 1-2 GBC

Numbers are what I value them at- may differ from Waka

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4. 2:1 Trade

numbers are quantities, not value. All 2:1 GBCs!

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Items kate_454 wants

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3. Mid Level Priority

show me your WLs for these items, might have an idea :P

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Eventual NC Item Goals

Dress to Impress
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