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Items baj2117 owns

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0. Notes

Hi there!

Updated December 2020

Currently, I am really only seeking to trade my VHTPW Highlights items (section 2) for wishes in my "Priority" Section, until I create new customs

I have moved a lot of my high valued items to a hidden closet; if you have any larger items on my priority/Always want WL's please neomail me with your WL

My neomail is always open for trades, so feel free to send one if you see something you like!

Any numbers refer to the quantity that I have, with the exceptions of 99 being UFT towards htf wishes.

Thank you!

Current GBC's - 105 (76 BF GBC's w. 4+boxes); Custom: Unlimited

This list is empty.

000. New Dyeworks

New dyeworks items UFT :) if I have more than 1, I am happy to trade for a small wish, GBC, or a different DW!


This list is empty.

00: Baby Items

This list is empty.

1. Highlights (Spares/Less Attached)

This is a section of highlights that I do have spares of OR I am less attached to. I can trade these for items on my Priority, Always Want, & Casually seeking lists

This list is empty.

2. VHTPW Highlights

Items here are harder for me to part with, I do frequently like to use them in customs. I am ONLY looking for priority wishes for these currently - please do not be offended if I turn down a fair offer.

This list is empty.

3. Backgrounds

This list is empty.

4. Foregrounds & Decorations

This list is empty.

5. Clothing & Accessories

This list is empty.

6. NC Items - Using

These are NC Items I have that I am currently using - I will consider trading them for some of my hard to find wishes - unless marked 22 (gifts)

This list is set to public - Not Trading, though I do frequently trade from here as my customs are ever changing!

This list is empty.

Items baj2117 wants

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1. Priority - Need Now

Looking for these items for a custom (or to use for a trade to get the items I need)

Will trade from the HTPW/Closet section (I also have a hidden closet with higher valued) for these items - Especially if marked 99. Always willing to over-offer in GBC/Custom

This list is empty.

3. Future Customs

Actively seeking these - currently these are for my winter customs. Will trade GBC's & TL for them (not from section 2. unless its htf)

This list is empty.

Casual Wishes

Casually seeking these - Most would be spares. Will always offer GBC/Custom & will over-offer in custom for htf & potentially highlights

This list is empty.

Pending Trade

Items here I have a trade for so not actively seeking them - here for my reference

This list is empty.
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