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0. Notes

Hi there!

Updated October 2020

I have moved a lot of my high valued items to a hidden closet; if you have any larger items on my priority/Always want WL's please neomail me with your WL

I have also been too lazy to set up a 2:1 section but feel free to ask for the items that commonly are as such :)

My neomail is always open for trades, so feel free to send one if you see something you like!

If my pet is currently wearing an item, I likely will not trade for customs/GBC's and would primarily be looking for wishes.

Any numbers refer to the quantity that I have, with the exceptions of 99 being UFT towards htf wishes. Also if you see an item in 2 lists or with a # in front of the 99 that means I have a spare.

Thank you!

Current GBC's - 35; Custom: Unlimited

This list is empty.

00: New Dyeworks & Lending

Can lend for 2:1 GBC, 1:1 Dyepot or Small Wish:

Galactic Traveler Wig; Decorated Witch Hat & Wig and Cosy Baby Onesie - I do have a spare of the OG Decorated Witch Hat & Wig UFT as well!

the amounts of each dye are not currently accurate, needs to be updated

This list is empty.

2. Highlights/HTPW (Hard to Part With)

Items here are harder for me to part with, I do tend to use them in customs. Likely to trade for pretties/wishes/pops but not GBC's/Customs (unless I state on the board)

Some are harder for me to trade than others - please don't be offended if I turn down a fair offer. The one's I am most attached to are marked 99 & are UFT for wishes marked the same - Not seeking items from casual or small wishes for these (if there is a number in front of the 9 then I have a duplicate)

If I have a duplicate I am more likely to trade!

This list is empty.

3. Backgrounds

This list is empty.

4. Foregrounds & Decorations

This list is empty.

5. Clothing & Accessories

This list is empty.

6. NC Items - Using

These are NC Items I have that I am currently using - I will consider trading them for some of my hard to find wishes - unless marked 22 (gifts)

This list is set to public - Not Trading, though I do frequently trade from here as my customs are ever changing!

This list is empty.

Items baj2117 wants

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1. Priority - Need Now

Looking for these items for a custom (or to use for a trade to get the items I need)

Will trade from the HTPW/Closet section (I also have a hidden closet with higher valued) for these items - Especially if marked 99. Always willing to over-offer in GBC/Custom

This list is empty.

2. Always Want

Not currently priority for a custom but these are a collection of items I think are pretty or would love to own.

Will always do GBC's/Custom (and likely over-offer both) for these & would consider some items on my HTPW/Closet lists

This list is empty.

3. Future Customs

Actively seeking these - currently these are for my winter customs. Will trade GBC's & TL for them (not from section 2. unless its htf)

This list is empty.

Casual Wishes

Casually seeking these - Most would be spares. Will always offer GBC/Custom & will over-offer in custom for htf & potentially highlights

This list is empty.

Pending Trade

Items here I have a trade for so not actively seeking them - here for my reference

This list is empty.
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