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- Welcome -


Feel free to neomail me at suchacutie15 if you are interested in trading ♡

Always primarily seeking wishes, but may be open to offers of RR caps/cookies/dyepots etc, particularly for items in my sale section. Currently not seeking GBCs, except for sale items.

Please note that I will be busier than usual over the next month or so, and may be slower to respond. I will still be online at least once a day.

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Not necessarily highlights or high value, basically just stuff I really love (or new items I haven't decided whether or not I want to keep) but don't have any real plans for right now. They are UFT, but only very tentatively because I just know as soon as they're gone I'll figure out what to do with them. Probably only willing to part with these for high priority wishes or overoffers.

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Regular UFT

Numbers are for my own reference, they refer to account rather than to quantity.

88 = gram item

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Sale (2:1/3:1)

I'm never gonna use this stuff, and I hate that it's gathering dust in my SDB. If you're looking for anything here, I want you to have it!! Get in touch and we can work something out.

As a guideline, I'll probably be pretty happy with:
1:1 dyepot, FQ or lab cookie
2:1 GBC, archives/upcycle cookie, or whichever RR cap is currently in the mall
3:1 (perhaps even 4:1) BFGBC

I will of course trade for WL items too, and I'd be happy to browse your TL if you aren't offering any of the above!

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Items suchacutie15 wants

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3. Gallery WL

These are items I am seeking for my music gallery. They are VERY VERY low priority and I am mostly hoping to find them in 2:1 sales/maybe as filler for other trades. I basically value everything here at less than a cap, in terms of how much I'm willing to trade for it - but I understand if you don't, of course!

Also seeking non-wearable Gothic Valentine Piano and Stool.

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4. Casually seeking

No plans for these, not seeking them actively, just caught my eye. Probably mostly seeking as filler for other trades, but feel free to offer! (please ignore all the NP stuff in here lol)

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