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Hi! Below are ALL the wearable NC items I have on my accounts, with the exception of gallery items.

This includes beloved items, generous gifts from amazing friends, and things I use everyday - because it is easier for me to keep track of everything in one place and I am lazy lol. Please don't take it personally if I am hesitant to trade an item - I may just be attached to it.

My list is divided in two - NC UFT (multiples) and Possibly UFT (singles). Because I'm weird and hate parting with "my last (one of anything)" lol, they're items that MIGHT be UFT for the right item/s (typically friend's wishies or gallery items).

That being said, every item on here is theoretically up for trade for the right item or combination of items. Please check my Wishlist at the bottom for items I am currently seeking most actively, but I LOVE looking at UFT lists - I find some great items I never knew existed that way!

I am also always on the lookout for friends' wishlist items, so while I don't keep track of them here, I may be hunting other items so, again, please let me know your UFT!

For a list of non-wearable items UFT, please visit neopets.com/~CartmanQ.

Please do not hesitate to neomail me at any time - I promise, I do not send "nty" replies or signal disinterest by ignoring your message! If you would be so kind as to include your UFT list (either Neo link or DTI name) and/or items you have off my WL, we can discuss a trade much more quickly! Thank you, have a great day, and happy trading!

  • updated October 10 2019 *
This list is empty.


This list is empty.

Possibly UFT (singles)

This list contains items of which I have only one. Some are on my pets all the time; some are gifts from dear friends; some are collecting dust in my SDB. I keep track of ALL my NC items here, so I break it up into two lists. An item here may be UFT - after all, even items I love may be traded, and have on occasion been pulled off my pets as they wear it lol - and beloved gifts from friends have been traded to get a gift for that same friend heehee - so please feel free to inquire about them!