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! A Trade List !

July 2024

Hello, thanks for looking at my lists! I try to keep them as accurate as possible. I mostly trade when I'm after something, but I enjoy casual trades too. Feel free to mail me, and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. I'm typically online daily, so if you haven't heard back after a day -- please reach out again. Likewise, if I reply to you I would kindly appreciate a response (even if you're not interested anymore) so that I'm not waiting around in limbo.

/~Owls is my main value guide. Any patience is appreciated! (:

I may be willing to offer custom for my Priority Wishes, but please ask!

Numbers are just Quantity unless in my HTPW section.

This list is empty.

* Tradeable Highlights + Closet *

Nicer things (or stuff I just personally like, lol) that I may be using or holding onto. Would prefer to trade these for Priority Wishes, but open to other offers regardless. Some I'm less attached to. You are welcome to ask!

Numbers are for my own reference.

This list is empty.

Account 1 (Main) - smilelemon

This list is empty.

Account 2 (Side) - sunshine_starlight33

This list is empty.

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Customization Priority Wishes

Items I'm actively looking for!
I do have a hidden list for high value/pop items here, feel free to ask me about it if you're open to trading (':

This list is empty.

General Wishlist

These items I would like to have, but aren't /as/ sought after if I have other priority wishes at the moment.
(still I want them!)

Replacements + Filler items I'm always interested in are marked with 77

This list is empty.
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