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1. Special UFT

I'm NOT seeking GBCs for these items!

Numbers represent how I value each item.

This list is empty.

2. Highlights UFT

I'm NOT seeking GBCs for these items!

These items are only UFT for wishlist items! I'm NOT seeking GBCs, cookies, or ANY kind of custom right now.

Items starting with a '9' are items that I disagree with the estimated values stated on ~Waka. Neomail me to ask what I value them at.

Some of these items are harder to part with than others, so please don't be upset if I turn down a perfectly reasonable offer. Thank you for understanding. =)

GBCs available to trade: 50+

This list is empty.

3. Regular Tradelist

Not attached to any of this stuff, so offer away! Seeking GBCs as well as WL items for these!

Numbers represent APPROXIMATE value (and if there's no number, it means the item is ~1). HOWEVER, I do recheck values before trading just in case I made an error or said item has inflated recently, so these values are NOT set in stone!

I try to keep this list updated but once in a while I forget to remove stuff, so my apologies if something isn't available!

This list is empty.
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