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.00 Welcome to my tradelist!

Welcome to my tradelist! Feel free to mail me anytime if you have any of my wishes!

This list is empty.

.000 dyeworks!!

Seeking swaps or items from my wishlist, or gbcs/custom ^^

This list is empty.

01. Items up for trade

Feel free to mail me about any items on this list, they're all uft for my wishes or gbc!


This list is empty.

02. Highlights

Items that are used sometimes in my closet or I wouldnt mind keeping, willing to part with for my wishes, possibly gbcs/custom :D

This list IS up for trade! Sorry in advance if I turn down a fair offer, might be looking for certain things ;o;

Items marked 99 are uft for items marked 99 on my wishlist!

*22 means the item is set aside as a pretrade ^^

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Side Account Items

These are items on my side account, not usually uft but feel free to mail me about them, will more than likely need a gbc included if I were to trade, numbers are for my reference only

2: star_trekkie_kid 3:theemmys 4:quilpy 5:kiwilimen

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Items Quilpy wants

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Actively seeking Wishlist

Items im currently after! 99 are priority items, but really im always looking for any of these! Items marked 88 are engaged in a pretrade!

Items marked 55 are items im seeking for friends, high priority as well mail me if you have any of those c:

This list is empty.

Dyeworks wishlist



Items ive secretly wanted for awhile but cant ever seem to find trades for ;o;

If you have something on this list and are actually interested in my items please mail me ^^

This list is empty.

Low priority/filler wishes

These are mostly filler/replacement wishes. Always happy to entertain casual trades regarding these items but im most likely not offering gbc/custom/highlights for these :)

Items marked 88 are set up as a pretrade and im no longer seeking them ^^

This list is empty.

Neopoint wishlist

If you have any of these for sale please mail me! ^^

This list is empty.
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