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0) Information

Updated: September 2022



Hello, and welcome to my tradelist!

Any items you see with a NUMBER=QUANTITY , not value. (Except items marked with 2:1, I am seeking those in 2:1 sales)

Also - I do NOT have a secret closet,tradelist or anything like this. What you see is what I have available for trade!

I USE ~owls + ~owlstwo and cross value with ~waka, for all my GBC values.

If it's in my WANTs and it says "21" I am seeking these items in 2:1 trades only since they are not very sought and tons of people have them.

Thank you and happy trading! <3

GRAMS: Altador Cup Enthusiast Grams available

This list is empty.

1) Accessories UFT

Accessories - Wigs / Handhelds / and more!

This list is empty.

2) Backgrounds + Trinkets UFT

Backgrounds, foregrounds etc.

This list is empty.


Two items for one of your patapult cap, archive cookie, or upcycle cookies! No preference ^^

This list is empty.

3) Clothes UFT

Dresses, pants, jackets, and more!

This list is empty.

4) For my high priority items only

These items hold a little more value and I would love to finally complete some of my high priority list! So unfortunately these are off-limits unless towards a big wish <3 ( If you see the same item in a separate list, I'm willing to trade as I have multiples :) , numbers are how many i have )


This list is empty.

In trade

Items that are currently being offered, sorry!

This list is empty.

Items pink_gatomon wants

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2) Medium Priority

I have some plans for these items!

This list is empty.

3) Low priority

No plans for these items, but I'm still looking to trade :) " I just think they're neat! " - marge simpson